29 August 2014 update

(with minor changes.)

Things are progressing, though this report is based on detective work by various folk as much as on published information.

We had gathered that the first areas to be provided with superfast broadband (SFBB) would be those with telephone lines connected to BT cabinets 1 and 2, each of which would be given a supplementary cabinet to hold the FTTC equipment. We were allerted to potential progress when planning notices for these locations appeared on the Charnwood Council website. Later, new cables were pulled into ducts along Main Street Woodhouse Eaves and Forest Road. Now, the new cabinets are is place:

Cabinets 1 and 1a

So the new cabinet 1a (for want of an official name) is at the top of Rawlins Close. A new duct - you can see where it goes - links it with the original cabinet 1 near the bus stop, against the allotment wall. The extended trench (towards you) was presumably to connect mains power. Note the ventilation grills which are present on all FTTC cabinets. The original cabinets are just big junction boxes and don't need cooling. To see our best guess at if and how well you will be served by this cabinet, see Cabinet 1 coverage.

Cabinets 2 and 2a are near St Mary in the Elms, Woodhouse, opposite the Community Hall:

Cabinets 2 and 2a

On the left is the new cabinet "2a" behind the footway. Cabinet 2 (actually a recent replacement of the original) is in the distance. The link seems to use existing ducts, though installing power has required some excavation. Coverage of the whole village of Woodhouse should be good, though with some drop-off in speeds for outlying areas - see Cabinet 2 coverage.

For other areas see Cabinet 3, Cabinet 3 coverage, Exchange only lines and Exchange cabinet coverage.

Is anything else needed?

It seems that work must take place in the telephone exchange before the new cabinets come into use. The best we can say at present is that BT have indicated that this work will take place during 2014.

Will I be automatically upgraded?

No. We will have to sign up (through any ISP) for the new service when it is available. A new modem will be needed. Pricing should be the same as for many other places already having FTTC, but don't expect the "bargain basement" prices available in some urban areas.