to the broadband speed test

Here you can undertake a test of the current state of your broadband service. If this is your first visit to this page please have a look the notes on the speed test.

Including your postcode is optional, but helpful for identifying areas with problems. Please enter it here:

Click the test button then wait for the right hand dial to go from 0 to 100% twice.

The two figures shown above the dials after a test are the average download and upload speeds during the test. If anything else at all used your Internet connection during the test the result will be artificially low, so it is best to run several tests at intervals - preferably on different days and at various times.

Note to Safari web browser users: Please tap your "Enter" key after completing your post code for it to be recorded. Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer users may do so, but this is not necessary.

Further tests

If the results seem poor you may want to run the BT wholesale speed test. This is not just for BT broadband customers.

Getting help

Complaints about broadband speed must be addressed to your Internet Service Provider (e.g Plusnet, AOL or even BT retail) who, if they agree there is a local problem, will refer it to BT wholesale.