Cabinet 2 coverage

(Page updated 24 April 2015 with minor change January 2016)

Cabinet live for FTTC.

Cabinets 2 and new 2a (our designation) are near St Mary in the Elms, Woodhouse, opposite the Community Hall:

Cabinets 2 and 2a

On the left is the new cabinet "2a" behind the footway. Cabinet 2 (actually a recent replacement of the original) is in the distance. The link between them seems to use existing ducts, though installing power has required some excavation. Coverage of the whole village of Woodhouse should be good, though with some drop-off in speeds for outlying areas.

These cabinets connect telephone lines and hence broadband Internet to Woodhouse and surroundings. From late November 2014 FTTC has been available.

Work in progress 23 Oct 2014

The picture shows work in progress in late October 2014.

We believe the extent of this coverage and the speeds likely to be available if you sign up for FTTC to be as shown here:

Cabinet 2 expected coverage

Map published 29 September 2014 prior to commissioning but believed substantially correct. Please notify any errors or information on speeds received to broadband at ruralweb dot org dot uk

You may view or download a larger version of this map. You are welcome to print of reproduce these maps if you acknowledge and include the information text at the bottom. Please read Map licences first.

You do need to understand that this map is based on what we have gleaned from various sources and is in no way guaranteed. It has not been validated or approved by BT or LCC. Please see also the speed/distance table and the notes about speeds on the SFBB page.

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