First cabinets live 19 November 2014

Following a tip off from a progress follower on Main Street (thanks, John), investigation using the CC's When and Where page shows the new FTTC cabinets "1a" and "2a" to be live. Put your own telephone number in and see. The speeds and coverage being offered are in line with the predictions we have made. This means, for example, that Main Street Woodhouse Eaves from the Cottage Surgery north does not yet have SFBB available but south of that can expect a very high speed (if you pay for it).

Send any information of interest to broadband at ruralweb dot org dot uk

Woodhouse PC meets LCC

On 29th November a meeting took place locally with the CC's Broadband Project manager in order to clarify our understanding of planned developments and respond to a request from the CC for cooperation over solutions for the few (4-6%) of premises not expected to benefit from the present plans. Representatives from the PC, Ruralweb and two neighboring parishes with residents in the exchange area took part.

As a result of the meeting we now know that Cabinet 3 (near the Brand) will not in fact be upgraded to provide FTTC but a new structure (presumably a new cabinet) will be put in to ensure a better service to Swithland than Cabinet 3 could have provided. A side effect of this seems likely to be more uncertainty for those served by cabinet 3 but not in Swithland. See the updated Cabinet 3 coverage page.

The meeting left us with increased uncertainty regarding the future of "Exchange only lines" though it was stated that if and when a new cabinet is installed near the exchange it will offer a service to all such lines, not just selective areas as the LCC map indicates. We hope for further clarification on this matter.