Update published 12 November 2015 - At last! Superfast for north and central Woodhouse Eaves.

It seems that most people in north and central Woodhouse Eaves (e.g. Birdhill and Beacon Roads) can now get "superfast". It seems that the service had been technically possible for some time but BT Openreach's systems failed to tell the Internet Service Providers. Oh well ...

The area benefiting seems to include all or most of Main Street (north of Village Hall), Windmill Rise, Tuckett Road, Herrick Road, Birdhill Road, Perry Close, Beacon Road, Brook Road and Forest Road (Woodhouse Eaves end). It also includes Breakback Road, Deans Lane and probably Woodhouse Lane (Outwoods) but at sub-"superfast" speeds beyond the lower Beacon car park.

If you want or need "superfast" you can order from any ISP. Do check your existing Internet contract first as if you switch before any minimum period you may incur a penalty. The existing "up to 8" broadband system will still be available so if you are happy with what you have, stick with it. "Superfast" costs more.

The line checking systems seem to throw up some anomalies when checking the service available in this area. Please do email broadband at ruralweb dot co dot uk to give us any information you may glean or to tell us of problems in getting a service.

What about other areas?

The situation for "01509" telephone numbers not yet able to access "Superfast" does not seem to have changed significantly from the position described elsewhere on this website. Specifically, Swithland village should have it before summer 2016 but the position for other areas is uncertain.

Previous update published 2 November 2015

Cabinets 4 and 5 near the Bulls Head were installed in September and "County Hall" announced the availability of FTTC/ SFBB from at least one of them later that month. However, repeated checks using www.superfastleicestershire.org.uk/, www.dslchecker.bt.com and via ISPs have until recently failed to find any telephone lines in the area with such a service available.

Cabinet 5 coverage

On 28 October we were advised that the following post codes had been enabled from Cabinet 5:

  • LE128RD Mill Road (probably only one or two houses served via Birdhill Road. Remainder served from Cabinet 1)
  • LE128RP Birdhill Road, odds
  • LE128RR Birdhill Road, evens
  • LE128RS Brook Road
  • LE128RU Forest Road (Woodhouse Eaves end - South side?)
  • LE128RW Beacon Road (probably up to wooded area, probably "odds" only)
  • LE128RX Herrick Road (probably Birdhill end only)
  • LE128SP Beacon Road (Further up)
  • LE128SR Beacon Road (Broombriggs Farm and adjacent)

However, so far only one telephone number of many we have tried in this area has shown up as being offered a service. If you find that yours is, please let us know via broadband at ruralweb dot org dot uk giving post code and (if you are happy to) the telephone number (which we will not publish).

One thing the above list indicates is that Birdhill Road telephone lines seem to come via Cabinet 5. We had believed that they would use cabinet 4 as shown on the maps on this site.

We are puzzled that Breakback Road and Deans Lane are not included in the above list.

Cabinet 4 coverage

"County Hall" have now given the postcodes which should be served (in part at least) from Cabinet 4:

  • LE128RZ Main Street, evens. Note that the south end is already covered from Cabinet 1
  • LE128RY Main Street, odds. Note that the south end is already covered from Cabinet 1
  • LE128SE Tuckett Road)
  • LE128RU Forest Road, Woodhouse Eaves end - noth side?
  • LE128RN Beacon Road up to Breakback, possibly evens only
  • LE128UQ Beaumanor, though that seems nonsense
  • LE128TA Breakback Road
  • LE128SB Perry Close
  • LE128RX Herrick Road (Probably excluding Birdhill end but see above)
  • LE128SF Windmill Road, let side as you go in
  • LE128SG Windmill Road. right side as you go in
  • LE128RW Beacon Road, part
  • LE128RS Brook Lane (Hangingstone Farm)
  • LE128TE Deans Lane. Probably not far end.
  • LE113YG Woodhouse Lane (Outwoods) )

So ...

Putting the above together, we should have coverage in line with the maps on this site though the assumptions we made about cable routes were not all correct. Availability from ISPs may still be a week or two away.