Superfast Broadband (SFBB)

In terms of Government policy, an Internet connection giving a download speed of at least 24mbps.

Strictly, the term broadband (with or without the "superfast") refers to the way Internet data is transmitted over metal cables and not to transmission over fibre optic cables. However, in common usage "broadband" now means an Internet service faster that "dial-up".

Availability of an FTTC broadband service does not guarantee SFBB speeds. Based on we can expect the following:

Distance from cabinet*      Maximum speed likely**

Within 0.2km      80mbps
At 0.6km      51mbps
At 1.2km      24.5mbpsLimit of "Superfast"
At 1.8km      18mbps
At 2.4km      13.3mbps
At 3km      8.7mbps
At 3.6km      Possibly 4.1mbpsFTTC service may not be offered

*That is, distance by wire. These usually run in ducts along roads before going up a pole and (possibly via other poles) to you. Note that the table assumes the use of copper wires but some aluminium wires (actually copper clad aluminium) are in use. If you are unlucky enough to have these you can expect lower speeds.

*Speeds will decrease in time because of "cross-talk" between the wires as the number of SFBB users increases, so don't expect the initial speed received to be maintained. Technical developments are expected to mitigate the effects of cross talk and also extent the wire length that FTTC can serve, but don't hold your breath!